An adventure into better learning and knowledge management

After settling into my professional life, moving to a new city, starting life as an adult, I went through a period of complacency. So more recently, after coming across a fantastic article about how the young director of product engineering at Shopify makes sure to retain and manage what he learns, I became interested in building a system for myself.

Even though my habit of reading books I will admit I did not read the article with much attention initially when I came across it over a year ago. Complacency struck again. I focused on learning more about Zettleskasten instead, and how I could use those principles to build up my own system. I started off by using Roam Research, and it went great for a week or so. That was followed by trying out different tools (mostly open source ones) on and off for months till I realized that complacency struck yet again. As I was reading books and articles, I often stopped at information I wanted to note down for the future me, only to get disheartened by the fact that I still hadn't established a good note taking system. The latest of my triumphs was to re-read the Shopify director's article and employ his terminal-based tool. However, the task of learning both the tool and Zettletskasten principles, whilst still trying to figure out how I can build a system that works for me proved to be too daunting.

Well, for now, I am going to stop using lack of proper tooling as an excuse, and just use what I have available till I understand my needs better. I ended up going back to Roam to have a system that I can later export my data from into a system I build that works for me.

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