Building an information ingestion system

Over the past year, the way I keep up with news, blogs, information in general has changed quite a bit. Due to more recent epiphanies on how siloed even platforms like reddit and hacker news can be, I started venturing out a bit getting subscriptions for news sites and other forums that I thought would add value to the repertoire of information I rely on.

For some time, I did rely on RSS but that kind of fell off, I don't quite remember how. The reason must have been due to never building a proper habit of reading it. I recent discovered dashy, a self-hosted customizable landing page, and got the idea that perhaps I can transform that as a place where I can spend several minutes at the start of my day catching up on what's going on. My thoughts on this are still very very rough but here are some ideas I wanted to throw to see what sticks:

  1. Dashy: it can contain multiple RSS feeds based on filters, like news, tech blogs, subreddits, etc. Moreover it gives me the opportunity to build embedded dashboards on information on markets (stocks and real-estate), my Garmin activities, tasks and calendar, etc. These are just a couple quick ideas.
  2. Instapaper + Kindle: Having to look at the screen for 8 hours or more in a day for work, I invested in getting both a kindle and a remarkable tablet last year. Any long-form articles I may want to read, I send it to instapaper with a browser extension and have them delivered at certain intervals to my kindle.

There is certainly a lot more potential, and I suspect as I start building some of these workflows out for me, more ideas would inevitably come.

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