New idea for new habits for the new year

I have failed at sticking with enough new year's resolutions to know that tracking longer term goals don't really work for me for habits :(. However, I do know that a reset from time to time is something that benefits me a lot. So for this year, as I reflect at the end of the first work week of the year, I decided that I'm going to try sitting down and recording my accomplishments over all aspects of life, work and personal growth each week, either Friday or Sunday night.

It's something that might not amount to anything, or I might not even stick to it, but it feels like a small enough time investment that if it helps me build a new habit or two it will be very worth it. I have yet to figure out what would be a good medium to record my weeks, as I have been flipping between digital and physical journals. That sounds like a good thing to figure out this weekend as I explore options in both realms :'D.

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