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these pages have served me well. Although it doesn't seem like much, I actually have written here almost monthly over the past several years, but very few were published. The goal of pages was never to become a real blog, but rather a place for me to think out loud, a sort of public journaling. But supposedly it's very difficult to build an audience for this, almost by design, with the only way being following a mastodon account or an RSS feed. As you'd guess, all too obscure.

As my audience in the real world has grown, so has the inquiry of “do you have a twitter account”. And I have always said, “well stay tuned I plan to start a website to share a lot of the things I have learned in life”. That has been going on for the last four years. I had a long weekend from work with no plans, and it was Ramadan, so I had some time to reflect... basically life stuff. And figured now is the time as any to dive right in, and make a proper blog. I have floated a lot of ideas over the years, on how I can give back and help people at scale, and what's next is for me to slowly lay down the foundations for all of it. And then failing and learning and improving.

Staying with the nature of pages, I'm going to end on that note of misformed thoughts. This was all just a long unwinding way to announce that I am finally starting a blog/website/platform/community over at sadman, expect posts about all facets of life. I don't think it will amount to much, but if there is even one person who might benefit I have convinced myself it is worth the effort.

If you like anything I have written, have said, taught or interested, would love to have you as a follower, while I share my learnings on the path.

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